Fleas in the house can be your worst nightmare if you don’t know how to deal with them. Yes there are many chemical products, but if you really love your pet, you won’t choose those harsh methods. What else? We have some simple and natural ways to keep them away. Yes, you can get rid of fleas without hurting your loved one and that too with some simple home remedies. Today, we will see some simple and effective natural ways to keep the menace away from your pet and also from your house. It is not that difficult, provided you are using the right tool and in the right manner. We will introduce you the not only one but several natural ways to get rid of fleas. Most of them are already available at your home and you would also find it easy to use them. Let us have a brief discussion on fleas, your biggest threat and then we will quickly see fleas home remedies.

Fleas are small insects without any wings. They feed on the blood of your pets and also transmit several diseases to your pet. When they hit your place, they do so in a number huge enough to make your life miserable. But, because of the extremely small size, it is not easy to catch them and often they go unnoticed for days. Most of the time they attack your pets, but in rare cases, fleas also bite humans. Although they aren’t always directly involved in making you ill, they are carrier for many diseases.  One thing is clear that fleas make great trouble for your pet. But, unknowingly, you also add to the trouble by using shampoos and soaps loaded with chemicals. They are no less than a direct torture for the tender skin of your pet. Over and above this, there effectiveness is also temporary. Once you stop applying the harsh chemicals, your enemy will return and start eating the pet with the same speed. So, we put forward the simplest possible solution to fleas in the form of fleas home remedies. Have a look at these home remedies for fleas and then we will also discuss a few advantages of using the same.

Boric acid against fleas

Boric acid is a natural insecticide and you can use it as a tool to get rid of fleas. For using boric acid against fleas, you just have to sprinkle boric acid everywhere your dog stays on, sits and plays on. You can also try sprinkling it around your yard to be extra cautious. This acid kills fleas and the larvae by dehydrating them and drying them out. You can let it work on the surfaces overnight and keeping the powder for long also is not harmful in any way. It is easy enough to use and you can get it in many forms.

ACV in fleas

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is extremely healthy for humans, but, it is also helpful for your dogs as well. How can ACV act as one of the fleas home remedies? You can control the pH of your dog’s body with the help of apple cider vinegar. If you maintain the right pH level, fleas would not find it easy to survive on your pet’s body. For using ACV as one of the fleas home remedies, you first have to check the pH of your pet’s urine with the help of a pH stripe. Based on the value you have to analyze what amount of ACV you need to give. Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV) creates a more acidic environment outside and balanced alkalinity on the inside, making it a must-have for flea season success. The ideal pH should lie in the range of 6.2 to 6.5. If with the help of ACV or by any other means you are able to maintain this much, no flea would be able to survive on your pet’s body.

Rosemary dips for flea treatment

Rosemary is a fragrant evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean. The herb is used to make bodily perfumes but, you can use it as fleas home remedies if you want a nice fragrant method. For this, you need fresh rosemary leaves and 2 cups of boiling water. To use fleas home remedies, simply take 2 cups of fresh rosemary leaves and mix it with two pints of boiling water. Boil the mixture patiently for about half an hour. After this, throw the leaves out in the dustbin as all the goodness has been extracted in the water. Add 6 pints of warm water to the mixture to make 1 gallon of flea dip. Once it cools down, you can dip your pet in that solution, and if size does not allow doing so, give him a nice bath with the solution. In addition to repelling fleas, the rosemary is an anti-inflammatory, so it can help relieve itching and scratching from fleas. You can also spray the mixture on your carpet and surroundings.

Protective collar

You can get rid of fleas by making proper use of the collar you tie on the neck of your pet. If you do not tie anything, buy a good one for your dog immediately as it is not too costly. To use the collar as a flea repellant, take two- three drops of lavender oil and dilute it with equal amount of water. Use an eye dropper to draw attractive patterns on your dog’s collar. Forget not to change and dry up the collar frequently. In addition to this, 1 or 2 drops of oil diluted with at least 1 tablespoon of olive oil can be placed at the base of your dog’s tail. So, you are creating a protective covering from head to toe.


Lemon is used to kill fleas and you can also prevent the menace. Lemon is a citrus fruit that contains limonene which is responsible for this action. As the major aim of fleas home remedies, lemon too is natural and hence you can use it without thinking twice. To use lemon and get rid of fleas, you have to boil about a liter of water and then add a few slices of fresh lemon to the boiling water. Let the water steep in the same condition overnight and use it in the morning. The next day dip a comb or your pets brush in the liquid (make sure it’s sufficiently cool) and run it through their hair. A sponge works as well, especially if you have a very short haired breed, but if it has long hair make sure you use a comb only. Also, by using lemon slices frequently while giving your pet a bath, you can also prevent fleas.


Slat cannot contribute much to the killing of fleas, but after sucking the fleas and larvae with the help of vacuum you can use salt as flea repellant. This like all the other fleas home remedies is also easy enough to use. This can reduce the number of times you are required to turn your entire house upside down. In order to kill the fleas on those surfaces in your home sprinkle some fine table salt onto your rugs and furniture and leave it for one week to 10 days. The salt will adhere to the fleas and larvae and ultimately kill them. The same thing doesn’t not hold true for your pet’s skin. So, don’t apply the salt directly.

Diatomaceous earth and fleas

Diatomaceous Earth is also one of the best fleas home remedies.  By the way, do you even know what diatomaceous earth is? It is a natural powder which is safe to use directly and indirectly on your pet’s skin as well as surroundings, beddings etc. To get rid of fleas naturally, you simply have to sprinkle the Diatomaceous Earth’s powder along your pet’s dry spine. Try to avoid doing this immediately after giving him a bath. Massage the powder on the entire body leaving the eyes. If the number of fleas has grown to very large, you can also sprinkle some Diatomaceous Earth on your carpets, your pet’s bedding, rugs, flooring, and furniture. Finally, vacuum it up and immediately throw the bags away from your house. You can also use fleas home remedies in combination. As they are natural, your pet will be safe. One alternative is to first make your pet safe with the use of apple cider vinegar and simultaneously apply diatomaceous earth in the surroundings.

In case you have seen a flea on your pet and are comfortably ignoring it, please see it as an alert as a single female flea can lay 10 to 50 eggs per day and upwards of 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. Thus 1 adult flea can literally lead to an infestation of tens of thousands. So, ignoring a single flea on your pet or in your house can prove to be a big mistake for you in future. Hence immediate action is the next most prior thin after prevention. As far as treatment is concerned, there are many chemicals available in the market; some of them even claim to wipe fleas out in just one wash. But they are not at all safe for your child, and if you do not have kids you are also equally susceptible to the harmful effects of these cleaning chemicals. If you are confident enough that you will not let it reach it up to you in any way, trust me they are unfavorable even for your dog. Some of these chemicals are so harsh that they can permanently burn the skin of your loved one. It is hence a better idea to rely on fleas home remedies in order to keep yourself safe and also to ensure you kill fleas but during this process do not harm the body of your loved one at any cost.


Say Good Bye To All Stomach Related Issues With Drakshasava

Stomach aches are so common that nearly everyone experiences them at some point. There are several reasons which causes stomach related problems.  Most of the causes aren’t worrisome, but it can be a sign of a serious illness. So, it should not be ignored. If we talk about the solution, there are never ending lists of medicines and some of them are very popular to cure stomach related woes. But, the problem is, almost all the general medicines are made up of different chemicals which causes side effects. After reading last line if you are worrying about your health, you don’t have to. We all have heard about Ayurveda, right? Yes, “The Ayurveda” which has the capability to cure almost all types of health woes. Today I am going to tell you some immense health benefits of one of the effective ayurvedic medicines and that is Drakshasva. Drakshasava is a very effective Ayurvedic medicine used in the treatment of digestive diseases like hemorrhoids, bloating, acidity, colitis, heartburn, etc. It is an herbal tonic that strengthens and nourishes the body. It also decreases the weakness.

Ingredients of Drakshasva

Drakshasava is a liquid Ayurvedic medicine made up of different natural herbs such as draksha (Raisins), dhataki flowers, piper cubeba, Cinnamomum Tamala, elettaria cardamomum, mesua ferrea, piper nigrum, etc. It is prepared by using a natural fermentation process. All of these natural ingredients make it a perfect solution for all kinds of digestive problems like loss of appetite, gas, flatulence, bloating, etc, it is also very effective for headache, fever, anemia, mild jaundice, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), cough, breathing difficulties and restlessness.

The main ingredient of Drakshasava is raisin, which makes it very powerful solution for the constipation. It helps in improving the bowel movements. The anti-inflammatory properties of Drakshasava help in reducing the pain and burning sensation. This medicine is very beneficial for the liver too. It helps in increasing the bile juice production. In some cases, due to the malfunctions of the liver and gallbladder, the body does not produce the bile juice in sufficient amount that causes a burning sensation in the abdomen. Drakshasava increases the bile secretion that helps in improving digestion, as well as liver functions and reduces the indigestion.

How to use Drakshasava for the treatment of stomach related problems?

Patients are advised to use Drakshasava in a dose of 12 ml – 24 ml, one or two times in a day after taking meal. It can be mixed with an equal amount of water, if the taste is not tolerable. Drakshasava is completely safe for our body; it does not have any side effect. It can rarely cause loose stools, when it is given in higher dosage. Not only this, it is also very useful for the cardiac health too. It decreases the risk of heart attach up to 40% and also helps in reducing the cholesterol collected in the arteries. Use this medicine regularly for at least 2 months for getting effective results.

Don’t eat to fulfill your emotions, only eat to fuel your body. Just remember one thing that healthy eating habits are the only way to a healthy and disease free life. So, always try to eat healthy and to follow a healthy lifestyle.

What Makes Jaimangal Ras (SY) a Potent Ayurvedic Medicine?

Hello friends, today we will be discussing an Ayurvedic medicine called Jaimangal Ras (SY) which is being prepared using the best herbs and minerals found in nature. Yes, Jaimangal Ras (SY) is one of the potent medicines which can be used in alleviating several diseases whether they are ephemeral or prolonged. Jaimangal Ras (SY) is being extolled by its users because the positive result it offers is astonishing. Today we are going to talk about Jaimangal Ras (SY) and what are those things which make this medicine effective enough to counter various kinds of diseases. Jaimangal Ras (SY) is used in various diseases such as fever, intermittent fever, and even chronic fever. This health-related complication may put you in pesky circumstances and you may have to face severe signs and symptoms along with raised body temperature. What can you do to soothe your health conditions?

ayurveda-cWell, according to my perspective, try taking Jaimangal Ras (SY) which may prove to be a panacea treatment option for each and every complication you have in your body. The efficacy of this medicine can’t be denied as it consists of up to 20 ingredients and these ingredients are some of the most potent ingredients found in nature which give this medicine its power to fight off various health-related complication sin no time. Let’s have a close look at What Makes Jaimangal Ras (SY) a Potent Ayurvedic Medicine?

Ingredients of Jaimangal Ras (S.Y.)

The ingredients of Jaimangal Ras (SY) play an important role in giving Jaimangal Ras (SY) its potency. All the merits of Jaimangal Ras (SY) help in fight chronic and autoimmune disorders. The ingredients used in Jaimangal Ras (SY) are

  • Saindhava – Rock Salt
  • Maricha – Black pepper – Piper nigrumjaimangal ras
  • Swarna Bhasma – Bhasma (Calx) of Gold – 20 g
  • Loha Bhasma – Bhasma (Calx) of Iron – 10 g
  • Rajata Bhasma – Bhasma (Calx) of Siver – 10 g
  • Shuddha Parada – Purified and processed Mercury
  • Shuddha Gandhaka – Purified and processed Sulphur
  • Tankana Bhasma – Borax
  • Tamra Bhasma – Bhasma (calx) of Copper
  • Vanga Bhasma – Bhasma of Tin
  • Makshika Bhasma – Bhasma (Calx) of Copper and Iron Pyrite.

Above ingredients are for trituration process and fine powder is prepared.

  • Shephali – Nirgundi – Vitex negundo
  • Kiratatikta – Swertia chirata
  • Dhattura – Datura metal
  • Dashamoola

Above four ingredients are used in decoction process and juice is extracted out of the above ingredients in order to prepare Jaimangal Ras (SY). The preparation process of Jaimangal Ras (SY) is a little bit easy compared to other Ayurvedic medicine and today we’ll talk about the preparation process of Jaimangal Ras (SY).

Preparation of Jaimangal Ras (SY)

trituration processThis medicine is prepared by adhering to a strict methodology which is prescribed in ancient Ayurvedic books. Jaimangal Ras (SY) along with any Ayurvedic medicine is prepared with the help of erudite of Ayurvedic medicines which minimizes the chances of any kind of mistakes as well as increases the efficiency while preparing the Ayurvedic medicine. First of all, take all the above ingredients except the ingredients which are used in decoction process. After taking all the ingredients, start triturating all the ingredients and obtain a fine triturated powder. Now take 10gms of powder of each of the ingredients and mix it with juice prepared through decoction process. Now mix all the powder thoroughly and mix it with extracted juice and make a thorough paste in order to roll the pastedown in the pills. Finally, these pills are called Jaimangal Ras (SY).

Jaimangal Ras (SY) and its uses in diseases

cjai mangal ras for feverThis medicine can be used in various diseases such as autoimmune diseases, fever, intermittent or chronic fever and many more diseases. Using this medicine will help you fight off myriad of aligns and symptoms as well as pesky circumstances of your body as it is astonishingly good in assailing the virus and bacteria of your body. It will also help you eradicate the causes of diseases out of your body and you will be protected from innumerable disease as it also boosts your immune system and enhances your stamina to fight off the diseases.

Doses and precautions Jaimangal Ras (SY)

You can take this medicine as per the prescription of the doctor and the dose amount should be 1-2 tablets a day along with honey or cumin powder. You can take this medicine before or after a meal.

  • This medicine should be used according to the prescription f the doctor.
  • Always consult your doctor before taking this medicine.
  • Overdose may lead to severe complications, watch out for doses.
  • Pregnant women and children are advised to not to take this medicine.

Gain the energy-boosting benefits of Siddha Makardhwaj (special)

Do you feel tired all day long? If yes, this can be due to lack of energy in the body. In fact, these days, tiredness due to lack of energy is one of the common complaints among adults. Feeling tired all the day could be a sign of more serious medical conditions. Well, sometimes eating healthy diet has also cut no ice on your body to overcome tiredness. If you want to gain energy naturally, read this article carefully. Today, we are going to tell you an amazing ayurvedic medicine that will help you in gaining the energy.

Siddha Makardhwaj (special) for Gaining Energy

Dabur-Siddha-Makardhwaj-SSiddha Makardhwaj (special) is one of the beneficial ayurvedic medicines that will help you in gaining the energy. Now, you can gain energy- boosting benefits with the help of Siddha Makardhwaj (special). This is a mineral based preparation that is helpful for the treatment of several health disorders. The good thing is that it helps to balance tridosha – vata, pitta and kapha in the body. It beefs up the body and beneficial in almost all types of diseases. This will also enhance the effectiveness of other medicines.

Siddha Makardhwaj for gaining energy is the best ayurvedic medicine. If you feel tired all the day and want to gain some energy naturally, Siddha Makardhwaj is the best option for you. The energy-booster properties of the Siddha Makardhwaj help to boost the energy and increase the stamina, strength and overall health. It is helpful in generating inner strength lost due to illness. The immune booster properties of the Siddha Makardhwaj help to boost the immunity of the body which will help in fighting off diseases and infections.

Health Benefits of Siddha Makardhwaj

diseases.2Siddha Makardhwaj is highly beneficial for the heart, nerves, muscles and brain. It helps to cure several brain and heart related health problems as well as improve the functioning of the brain and heart. It helps to maintain vigor and vitality as well as removes physical and mental weakness from the body. It also helps to increase little weight in underweight persons. It is used as rejuvenate, convalescent and aphrodisiac therapy. It will make you strong from inside as well as outside.

These are some of the common health benefits of Siddha Makardhwaj. Do you know what makes Siddha Makardhwaj a powerful and effective ayurvedic medicine for curing several health issues and to make you strong? So, the medicinal properties and the natural ingredients present in Siddha Makardhwaj make it a potent ayurvedic medicine for a healthy body.

Medicinal Properties and the Composition

good health.Siddha Makardhwaj has carminative, alternative, cardiac stimulant, nervine stimulant, digestive stimulant, androgenic, analgesic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, adaptogenic and mucolytic properties that are helpful in treating several health issues as well as make you a healthy person. The natural ingredients which are used in the preparation of Siddha Makardhwaj are Makardhwaj, shuddha prada, gandhak and swarna bhasma. All these ingredients are effective enough to make you healthy and disease-free.


dosage of tablet 1-2Let’s see the dosage of the Siddha Makardhwaj which is the crucial part of any ayurvedic medicine. The recommended dosage of Siddha Makardhwaj 1-2 tablets once or twice a day before or after food or as directed by the ayurvedic doctor. If you do not want to deal with any type of side effects, it is better to consult an ayurvedic doctor first.

Siddha Makardhwaj will surely give you good results. This will help you in gaining the energy naturally without giving any side effects. Ayurveda is a side effect free treatment option that will only give you positive results. If you want to be overall healthy, bring Ayurveda in your life. Ayurveda will help you to know the real importance of a healthy life.


All the diseases in which you can use Bolbaddha Ras and get relief

If you have frustrated by using conventional drugs or medicines, here is an alternative treatment option for you. Ayurveda is the best alternative option for you that is proven to be effective in the treatment of all health issues. Ayurveda is the ancient method of healing that not only cures diseases but also gives you a healthier or longer life. Today, I am going to tell you the health benefits of a popular Ayurvedic medicine known as Bolbaddha Ras.

Health benefits of Bolbaddha Ras

Bolbaddha Ras2Bolbaddha Ras is a herbomineral Ras aushadhi of Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, mercury is known as rasa and medicines that are prepared using purified mercury, purified sulphur, bhasma etc. are known as ras aushadhi. Bolbaddha Ras is one of the best ayurvedic medicines that are used to cure a number of health problems. It is commonly used to treat bleeding hemorrhoids, menorrhagia and such other bleeding conditions. This medicine is widely used in north Indian ayurvedic treatment method.

You can use this ayurvedic medicine in the treatment of liver diseases with pitta predominance, diabetes, bleeding hemorrhoids, abscess, hematuria and menorrhagia. You can see that there are a number of health benefits of Bolbaddha Ras for the human body. It has several medicinal properties that help to fight off diseases and health ailments. Bolbaddha Ras has tridosha shamak properties that help to balance vata, pitta and kapha. It has also deepana and pachana properties due to which this medicine normalizes the vitiated doshas and contributes in the treatment of a number of diseases.

bleeding-disordersBolbaddha Ras is indicated mainly in those diseases that occur due to aggravated pitta such as bleeding disorders, bleeding piles, fistula-in-ano and hyperacidity. You can get rid of a number of diseases from this astonishing ayurvedic medicine known as Bolbaddha Ras. It is prepared with natural herbs that are beneficial in curing your health issues as well as in providing a healthy body. Bolbaddha Ras is prepared with several natural ingredients such as shuddha parad, shuddha gandhak, giloy satva, khun-kharaba and semal bark juice. All these herbs are widely used in Ayurveda for treating various health problems such as skin problems, digestive problems and respiratory problems. Now, we are going to tell you the dosage of Bolbaddha Ras.

Dosage of Bolbaddha Ras

dosage3If you are going to use this ayurvedic medicine, there are some points that you need to remember. First of all, always consult an ayurvedic doctor before start taking this ayurvedic medicine. The second one is that self-medication with this medicine may prove to be dangerous. It is also avoided in pregnant ladies and children. Over dosages may also cause side effects. Always remember these points in your mind to avoid the side effects. However, ayurvedic medicines are potent safe for long term use.

The recommended dosage of the Bolbaddha Ras is one to two tablets twice a day before or after food or as directed by the ayurvedic doctor. This ayurvedic medicine will not give you any side effects if you take in prescribe dosage. None of the treatment options can compete Ayurveda as this is the oldest and one of the effective methods of healing. Our ancestors used this method to heal the health ailments and also for a longer life. If you also want a longer and healthier life, Ayurveda is the only best option for you.

ayurveda 3If I am talking about ayurvedic medicines, Bolbaddha Ras is one of the effective ayurvedic medicines that can cure several diseases and health ailments. This ayurvedic medicine will nourish your whole body and give you a healthy body. I am sure you will get a healthy body by the regular consumption of Bolbaddha Ras. The health benefits of Bolbaddha Ras make it a perfect ayurvedic or natural medicine. Give a try to this ayurvedic medicine and see the positive changes in your life.


Khadiradi Bati for healthy teeth

smilingYour teeth are the only part of your body that give you a beautiful smile. Healthy teeth simply mean beautiful smile but sometimes, gum diseases and tooth decay can affect your teeth as well as ruin your smile. So, how to make your teeth healthy? Is it possible to get healthy teeth naturally? Yes, friends, you can get healthy teeth with the help of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a natural treatment option that can cure your gum diseases and tooth decay naturally.

Khadiradi Bati is a common and famous ayurvedic medicine that can cure your tooth decay from their roots. This herbal remedy is mainly used for mouth ulcer, sore throat and other diseases of gum, teeth, tongue and throat. It acts as an oral antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and expectorant. Therefore it is really beneficial in a sore throat and infection of tonsils. Let’s see the health benefits of Khadiradi Bati for healthy teeth in detail.

Khadiradi Bati for Healthy Teeth

Khadiradi Bati is mainly useful for reducing hoarseness and throat irritation. Some of the common health benefits of Khadiradi Bati are as follows-:

Laryngitis (hoarseness or loss of voice) 

Bacterial-LaryngitisKhadiradi Bati is really beneficial for the treatment of hoarseness or loss of voice. The anti-inflammatory and soothing action of Khadiradi Bati reduces the inflammation of voice box. It provides a clear voice and reduces the hoarseness by reducing the irritation and swelling of the vocal cord. If you get the hoarseness due to overuse, Ashwagandha churna or ashwangandha extract should be given with milk in addition to Khadiradi Bati.

Mouth ulcer and stomatitis 

Mouth ulcers are the very common problem that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Well, Khadiradi Bati can reduce the inflammation of mucous membranes which give relief in stomatitis. Khadiradi Bati for healthy teeth is a really powerful ayurvedic medicine as it cures mouth ulcers too.

Sore Throat 

sore_throat_Khadiradi Bati can give quick relief in a sore throat in a combination of sitopaladi churna, yashad bhasma and gandhak rasayan. The soothing action of Khadiradi Bati provide relief in pain and also soothe the irritated throat. In addition to this, it also inhibits the growth of bacteria which may be a cause of a sore throat.

Tonsils infections 

Khadiradi Bati does not work alone in tonsils infections. It is used along with sitopaladi churna and gandhak rasayan. With these natural ingredients, Khadiradi Bati can reduce the inflammation, pain and irritation of the tonsils.

TonsilsNow, you might have understood that Khadiradi Bati for healthy teeth is one of the best ayurvedic medicines. It works great when it is kept in the mouth and swallowed gradually.  It has great healing properties as well as a huge amount of antioxidants. Khadiradi Bati can cure the diseases of lips, gums, teeth, tongue, palate, throat, locked jaw etc. Khadiradi Bati is an ayurvedic medicine that is formed of various herbs. One of the main herbs of Khadiradi Bati is khadira. It is a rejuvenating herb. Khadira is a Sanskrit word which means alleviating the diseases and stabilizing the body. This formation is really effective in treating various health issues including tooth decay.

Ingredients in Khadiradi Bati

khadiradi-bati.Khadiradi Bati is prepared of several natural herbs that are named as khadira, arimenda, karpoora, shataki, manjishta, chandana, jatamansi, yashti, haritaki, padmaka, laksha, musta, tvak, lodhra, balaka, amalkai, ela, padma, vacha, haridra and lavanga. These natural herbs make Khadiradi Bati a powerful ayurvedic medicine that can make you healthy as well as keep your teeth healthy. These herbs are extremely beneficial in getting rid of bad breath, oral ulcers and teeth ailments etc.

So, if you want healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, Khadiradi Bati can help you in this. Consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting this medicine. However, the recommended dosage of Khadiradi Bati is 1-2 tablets. 2-3 times a day before or after food or as directed by the ayurvedic doctor. It is advised to keep the tablet in the mouth and swallow it slowly. This ayurvedic medicine will surely cure your gum and tooth problems and gives you healthy teeth. Ayurveda is a safe treatment option that addresses the root causes of the problem. So, gain the benefits of Ayurveda by using ayurvedic medicines.

Have bronchitis, asthma or other respiratory problems? Try Chandramrit Ras

cold-flu-coughIf you are dealing with a common cold or a cough, it is a normal thing but if they are persistent from a long time, this is a serious matter of concern. Respiratory problems can be as mild as common cold and as serious as pneumonia. The question is how to deal with these respiratory problems? Is there any medicine that can cure all the respiratory problems? In this article, you will get an ayurvedic medicine that can cure a number of respiratory problems. So, read this article carefully.

Respiratory problems may affect your respiratory systems such as nose, nasal passages, throat, mouth, lungs and sinuses. Some of the common respiratory problems are asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, cold and cough.  If you are dealing with any respiratory problems, you may feel short of breathing, hard or uncomfortable to take in oxygen your body needs. You may feel like you are not getting enough air to breathe. Chronic and long term respiratory problems are really annoying and can affect your life badly. If you have any respiratory problems, you need to seek the treatment as soon as possible.

Chandramrit RasThe best treatment options for your respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and many others are ayurvedic medicines. They can safely, I mean without giving any side effects can cure your respiratory problems. How? We are going to tell an amazing ayurvedic medicine that is widely used in Ayurveda especially for respiratory problems. Chandramrit Ras is the best ayurvedic medicine for treating or dealing with respiratory problems. It is beneficial in a number of health issues such as fever, cough, cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma etc. It is available in the tablet form.

In Ayurveda, it is used to balance vata and kapha disorders. You can take this medicine after consulting an ayurvedic doctor. The suggested dosage of Chandramrit Ras for respiratory problems is 375 mg once or twice a day before or after the food as directed by the doctor. It is traditionally administered along with honey, lotus petals, betel leaf juice and fresh ginger juice extract. You need to take this ayurvedic medicine in a recommended dosage to prevent the side effects.

AYURVEDA..After hearing this word –‘ayurvedic medicine’, you might be thinking that it is also like other antibiotics or antiviral medications that can harm you. But no, Chandramrit Ras is prepared with the help of several natural herbs. These natural herbs make it a natural medicine or Ayurveda a natural treatment option. The most common natural herbs used in the preparation of Chandramrit Ras are shunti, pippali, haritaki, chavya, jiraka, amalaki, maricha, shudha parada, loha bhasma, abhrak bhasma and tankana bhasma. Fine powder of all these natural herbs is ground with juice extract to make a fine paste and pills of chandramrit Ras.

These natural ingredients are really powerful in treating various respiratory problems. shunti and pippli are really powerful in treating common cold and cough. They have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help to reduce the pain, inflammation in the throat and also kill the bacteria causing allergies and cold.  Amalaki or Amla is extremely beneficial to cure a cold. It is rich in vitamin C that adds a greater immune system and enables eradicated common cold and flu more rapidly than over-the-counter treatment. All these natural ingredients are powerful and effective in curing the respiratory problems.

Respiratory-ProblemssIt is not a fun to have a cold or a cough or any other respiratory problems. They can affect your life badly and your daily tasks. Long-term respiratory problems can damage your respiratory system badly. You need to start the treatment as soon as possible before these problems make your life hell. You can easily get rid of these respiratory problems without dealing with any type of side effects. This can be possible only with the help of Ayurvedic medicines. Chandramrit Ras is a polyherbal ayurvedic medicine that is side effects free. It will surely cure the respiratory problems.

chandramrit rasYou need to take a step towards Ayurveda and see what it will give you. It is a complete art of living that make your body healthy and fit. Ayurveda not only cures the diseases but gives you a fit and healthy body. You can even cure the chronic respiratory problems with the help of Chandramrit Ras. So don’t waste a single minute and quickly start this ayurvedic medicine.


Pirrhoid Ointment-The simplest treatment for piles

-hemorrhoids-If you are doing everything correct from yoga to accurate and healthy diet and still you are suffering from piles, this is the perfect article for you. This is the article by which you will see how easily you can cure this condition. It is said this is the condition which can go away by itself. If this is not going, you can use pirrhoid ointment. Don’t know what is this? No issues, I am here to tell about this astonishing remedy.

This is the remedy which can cure piles very effectively. Do you know what piles are? Piles are hemorrhoids which become inflamed. Hemorrhoids are masses, clumps, cushions of the tissue in the canal.  These canals are full of blood vessels, support tissue, muscle and elastic fibers.

hemorrhoids symptoms cephalicveinPiles can be in various sizes and it can occur internal or external. This can cause pain sometimes and according to studies, this is the condition from which half of the people of United States are suffering. People are using medicine to cure this but, I want to ask a question to those people who are using medicine. Do you get any kind of relief after using medicine?

No right? If you are thinking how I would know about this, I would like to tell you that this is a very common thing. There are no medicines without side effects. But there is a remedy which can cure this disease very effectively and that is pirrhoid ointment for piles. Pirrhoid ointment for piles is the perfect treatment.

pirrhoid 2This is a treatment which can cure this condition very effectively. This is the treatment which is used in Ayurvedic treatment. This is only used to cure piles. In pile the veins around the anus or rectum get inflamed.  The symptoms of this disease are bleeding after passing stool, itching, and lump formation in the anus. Pirrhoid ointment for piles is the treatment which gives you relief in pain, discomfort, and itching. This is the ointment which you can use very easily.

Apart from its ointment, there are also available pills which you can take orally. Pirrhoid ointment is the safest and affordable treatment. Don’t you want to know why this pirrhoid ointment is effective in piles? This is the remedy which contains arshoghani Bati, Akik Pishti, Nag Kehsar, Amla and Swarngairik.

PIRRHOIDS-BAIDYANATH-This is the treatment which can cure pile, inflammation, itching, and discomfort, shrink the pile masses, cure constipation and it softens the stool or helps to keep you regular. Pirrhoid ointment for piles is the perfect treatment because it contains those components which are not helpful in treating this condition but also many other health conditions.

This ointment contains Amla which is the common fruit that and you can get from any market. This is the fruit which contains vitamin C, minerals and amino acid. Amla has astringent and anti-bacterial properties. These are some properties which make pirrhoid ointment for piles the best cure.

This is the remedy which is effective in bleeding and non-bleeding piles. It is said that if you consume this for correct timing in correct dosages, it can stop bleeding in just a few weeks. Also, this can cure constipation and rectal pruritus. This is the perfect remedy which can cure this condition very effectively.

get rid of pilesIt can cure the pain, itching and swelling which occur in anal area due to piles. It can also heal anal fissures. I think this is the cure which piles patient has to use rather than medicines. See, this is the ingredient of natural treatment. Natural treatment never disappoints you and helps you to recover fast whether you have piles of any other disease.

It is said that to cure any health condition it is important to use your treatment dosages correctly otherwise it can cause side effects whether you use drug’s treatment or natural treatment. So, the correct dosage of this remedy is 2 teaspoon of its pills with water on a daily basis. The full treatment of this disease is 90 days. During this treatment try to avoid spicy foods because spicy foods can decrease the effects of the treatment which you take. So, from now onwards try to use natural treatment and stay healthy. Natural remedies are the ones by which you can prevent many health conditions.

How to use honey for conjunctivitis?

If you are suffering from conjunctivitis, you should read this article. This is the article by which you can learn how to cure this disease naturally. This is the disease from which many people are suffering and want a cure for this.
Well, there is one remedy that can cure this disease very effectively and that is honey. Honey for conjunctivitis is the perfect ingredient. This is the remedy which can cure eye disease very effectively. If you want to know how honey can cure this disease and how to use honey for conjunctivitis, read ahead.

What is Conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis is the common disease that causes redness and inflammation on the thin layer of the pinky eyetissue that covers the front of the eye. People often refer to conjunctivitis with red eyes. This is the most uncomfortable condition and this is the disease because of people feel embarrassed.
Yes, I know that you must be thinking that there are lots of medicines available in market, why I am discussing about this? Okay, tell me one thing if infected people are using medicines, why they are not getting well? You don’t have any answer right? This is simply because medicine is not work properly on any condition.

Benefits of honey for conjunctivitis?

But, apart from medicine you have another way to cure conjunctivitis and that is honey. Honey for conjunctivitis is the perfect remedy this is the remedy which can cure many other woes apart from this. This is the natural ingredient which has many health benefits.

I know that honey is sounds like impossible but this is the remedy that can cure this condition very effectively. Honey has so many health benefits which makes this is an ultimate remedy for herpes. honeyHoney has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. These are some properties which help in treating conductivities.
Honey for conjunctivitis is the best treatment because this can kill the bacteria which can cause conjunctivitis. Try touse that honey which is unprocessed and unheated. Honey is a natural gift for us and this is the magical ingredient. This is the reason that in nowadays almost every beauty products contains honey.
Honey has been used since thousands of years to cure various types of health complications. Honey for pink eye is the best cure because there are so many studies present that show using this cannot give any kind of side effect. This is the natural ingredient and there are so many testimonials present that show this is far better remedy than others.
Honey is the oldest sweeteners in the earth. Honey has been used in all the countries from past 2,500 years. It has anti-bacteriamany effective and beneficial elements which make it an important part of traditional medicines especially Ayurvedic.
Here, one point comes and that is what makes honey popular. Most likely, it is very easy to consume. One can eat it directly, put it on bread like a jam and you can mix this with any juice instead of sugar. There are a lot more which shows that honey is the ingredient and the best cure for conjunctivitis. So, use this astonishing remedy and diseases free life.

There are so many health benefits of honey despite pink eye. By this you can cure bacterial infection, it is good for blood, it improves athlete’s performance, digestion and it clears the skin. This is the remedy which you can use for internal and external uses. By this you can not only get healthy body but also glowing skin.

How to use honey for conjunctivitis?

pink eyeTo use honey for conductivities you just have to dilute one teaspoon of honey with warm water. Do not add more water because it can reduce the effectiveness of honey. Boil this mixture for a while and after it cools down pour this mixture in a dropper. With the help of dropper put two or three drops of this mixture in your eyes in every two to three hours. Try to use raw honey so that you can get positive results. Using honey in this type of disease is totally safe. Honey is the ingredient which you can buy from any super market. I think honey for conjunctivitis is the perfect treatment remedy, what do you think?

Best essential oils for thyroid treatment

Many of you could have been suffering from thyroid. Thyroid now becomes one of the most common health issues that is affecting thousands of people around the world. Thyroid is a medical condition in which the thyroid gland stops producing enough thyroid hormone. Fatigue, hair loss, depression, constipation, mood swings, weight gain and a lack of zest for life are all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Unfortunately, medical science is yet to find a cure for hypothyroidism. Frankly speaking, if you have thyroid problem, you will have to bear with it for life. However, it does not mean that the condition cannot be managed or controlled and one cannot lead a normal life. You can easily manage this condition with the help of some effective treatment options. Many of you are taking thyroid supplements or medications already but you can add one more effective thing in your thyroid health regimen.

Essentials oils for thyroid

Nature is the best cure for any health problems. Nature has myriad magical herbs which have the ability to cure any disease more effectively than over-the-counter medications. Pure and simple are the best and I think there is nothing more simple and pure than essential oils which are basically extracted from flowers and plants.

Essential oils for thyroid are the excellent and safe ways to enhance your current regimen. Essential oils are used as a diffuser to home and can be applied to your scalp and skin. Edible essential oils can also be added to teas. Essentials oils for thyroid can easily manage the condition and treat thyroid symptoms effectively. Now, I am going to tell you the most effective essential oils for thyroid treatment.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is known as one of the best essential oils for thyroid treatment. Peppermint oil can reduce depression, fatigue, headaches, mental confusion and digestive problem associated with conditions like thyroid problem. It is also one of the most widely used essential oils in variety of healing remedies and can be easily used in your daily diet. You need to put small drops of pure essential oil of peppermint oil in a glass of hot water and a pinch of lemon to make a tea that calms down your stress and helps you sleep easily.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender is another one of the effective essential oils for thyroid treatment. This oil is quite useful in insomnia, stress, hair loss and anxiety. If you are suffering from any of these problems, rub a little amount of lavender oil on your pillow, massage the oil into your scalp with a shampoo or adds a few drops of it to a warm bath at night with Epsom salt. It will help in relaxation of the body.

Lemongrass essential oils

This essential oil for thyroid treatment works by reducing the inflammation, headaches and digestive problems associated with hypothyroidism.  The best thing is that this oil is quietly be used as cooking oil so, you can easily add this in your diet. You can also use it as a topical treatment or add few drops of it in your tea for getting maximum results.

Lemon oil

This is very effective essential oils for thyroid treatment. You can add 1-3 drops of lemon essential oil in every glass of water that you drink during the day. This oil will help in reducing your stress, digestive problems and headaches.  This oil helps in fighting against the diseases inside your body.

Every day, more people are turning to a holistic approach to life. If you want to treat and manage your condition effectively, you should also try a holistic approach. A holistic approach is not a new concept. Our ancestors used the natural herbs for healing many health ailments. With the help of essentials oils for thyroid treatment, you can manage the condition at some certain extent. Essentials oils are not a cure at all but surely, you will feel an improvement in your condition after using these essentials oils. So, folks, try these essentials oils for thyroid treatment and make your life happier.