Role of apple cider vinegar in diabetes treatment and prevention

Almost everyone is suffering from diabetes but I am sure that no knows the exact reason behind this condition. Yes, this can be the reason of eating sugary items but there are more things that you have to keep in your mind. What are those points let’s discuss?

Diabetes diabetes

Diabetes refers to a class of diseases that affects how your body uses blood sugar levels. Glucose is vital to your health and it is a very important thing if you want to stay healthy and fit. It is also a fuel for your brain. If you have diabetes no matter what type it is that means you have high glucose levels. Too much glucose levels can lead to more health complications. There are two types of diabetes type-1 and type-2. This is not a life-threating condition until you keep this condition under control.

  • The type 1 diabetes- In this condition, your body does not produce insulin and some people may refer this types as insulin dependent diabetes or early onset diabetes. It is said that people usually get this type before the 40s.
  • The type 2 diabetes- In this, your body does not produce enough insulin and that’s why your body does not work properly. Your cells do not react to insulin. According to studies approximately people have type 2 diabetes.

diabetes causesSome people can control their symptoms of diabetes by losing weight, following a healthy diet, doing physical activities and monitoring their levels of blood glucose. Types 2 diabetes is a progressive disease and this disease gets worse gradually if you leave this untreated. Although anyone can get this disease but obese and over weighted people are more likely to have this diabetes.  Why a person has this disease is for now is unclear but for type 1 and for type 2 genetic susceptibility and environmental factors can be the reason. But now you don’t have to worry because I have an astonishing remedy that can cure diabetes very effectively.

Apple cider vinegar for diabetes

diabetes-vinegar-The remedy that can help you to deal with the condition is apple cider vinegar for diabetes. You all know about this ingredient and also this is a very common ingredient in every house. This is a very effective ingredient which is used to cure various types of health conditions since thousands of years. Most problematic type is type 2 and for this condition, apple cider vinegar works magically. If you are tired of using medicines for your condition, you can try this ingredient because it is considered safe. ACV works by blocking the digestion of starch and sugar. By blocking these compounds, apple cider vinegar can reduce the spikes in blood sugar levels. Also, this will help you to increase the good blood sugar levels.

It is said that you can include this vinegar in your meal or in salads. Regular intake of apple cider vinegar can make you healthy and also maintain your blood sugar levels. Some studies show that if you take ACV at bedtime, this can reduce faster blood sugar levels than the morning. It feels great that this one ingredient can cure three types of diabetes very effectively.

I think now you will agree with me that using apple cider vinegar for diabetes can give more effective results than medicines. Apple cider vinegar for diabetes is the most effective treatment than others and by this you will not get any side effects. Natural things have good approach and I think everyone should aware about this. Natural treatments are better than others because the ingredients of this treatment are totally side effects free.

apple cider vinegar .There are so many claims on the internet that using apple cider vinegar for diabetes can make your condition worse. But let me tell you that this is the safest ingredient which never gives you any kind of side effect. While taking this you have to be careful about its dosage. If you want to drink this vinegar with water, the common dosage is 1-2 teaspoon for 5-10ml and 1-2 teaspoon to 15-20ml per day. You can also add this in your salads, mayonnaise, while cooking and dressings.  But be careful about its dosage because taking more than recommendation can lead to harmful side effects. Hope this clarification is enough for you to except the fact- apple cider vinegar for diabetes is a very effective and affordable treatment option.

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